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Ever's budget-friendly Lemonade Party

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Before we left California, we threw Ever a little lemonade party and it was the "sweetest" way to say goodbye. With hardly any time to plan because we were leaving to Florida the following week, I kept her party sweet and simple.

I was able to purchase most of the decorations at Target's Bullseye's Playground. Tip! If you ever see anything cute there, just purchase it. You never know when you're going to need it. Haha! DECOR: We never have a birthday party without a balloon arch! It took me 30 minutes to make - I'm kind of a pro by now because I've made so many, lol. In keeping with the theme and colors, I used pink, yellow, and white balloons. A party is always much cuter with balloons. :) CAKE: I usually normally purchased custom cakes from a baker in San Diego. She's amazing and we loved all the cakes she made for us. But because of limited time, I purchased a chantilly berry cake from Whole Foods (also a favorite at our house), removed all the berry toppings, sliced lemons and placed them on top. FOOD: my sister made her delicious mac n' cheese and the girls drank homemade lemonade. Between decorations from Target ($18.00), cake and cookies from Whole Foods ($40.00), balloons ($3.00), and flowers from Trader Joe's ($5.00), the party cost a total of $65.00! Ever had so much fun and it was a really sweet way to gather one last time with her friends.

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